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The Bend-Tech Large Radius Module (LR) is an add-on module for the Bend-Tech PRO. This module was designed to give PRO users some extra tools and functions for creating parts and assemblies that utilize large radius bends. These are automatically included in Bend-Tech SE Software.

There is NOT an icon placed on the Task Menu for the Large Radius module. It is a series of functions found either in the Assembly interface, or in the Tasks tab in most any Single Part Interface.

Here is a list of the major features found in the LR module.

Bump Bending Tool (Single Parts)

Create an imitation large radius bend using a standard bender. This tool allows you to design a large radius bend and then easily break it down into multiple small bends for a regular bender.

Flat Layout (Single Parts)

Use the Flat Layout tool to obtain a graphical representation of the flat part prior to bending. Get the start and end locations of each bend, useful for laying out the large radius bends on a part.

Adjust Radius Tool (Assembly)

Easily adjust the radius of any bend using your mouse. Useful for large radius crowns to get the desired height/look you need.

Custom CLR's (Single Parts and Assembly)

Create any size radius on a part easily by simply entering a custom radius. You will not need to create a die for each radius you wish to use.

Allowed multiple dies per part

There is no limit to the number of dies or radii you can use on a single part. Each part can have multiple dies and/or radii defined.

Allowed more bends per part (up to 100)

Increase the total number of bends allowed per part from 10 up to 100 bends (as interfaces allow).

Obtain all the large radius tools and functions that Bend-Tech has to offer with the Large Radius module (available for Bend-Tech PRO only: comes standard with Bend-Tech SE).