Tube to Assembly Transfer

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Transfer Interface

When transferring a single part from any tube designer to the Assembly designer, the user can refer to this guide for assistance.

"NOTE: It is not recommended to create every part in a single part designer and transfer each one of them to an Assembly to be put together there. This is a very cumbersome and tedious task which leaves a lot of room for mistakes. It is recommended to create a main hoop, or a part not containing rotation, then transferring it to Assembly and working on the project from there. This will be the easiest way to get started on a project aside from simply starting off in the Assembly interface and working on from there."

The Transfer Menu

When transferring a part to Assembly, select the part from the display area, or from the part list and select the "Transfer Drop Down Menu" Transfer.png at the top of the screen on the "Icon Menu Bar".

From there, the options that are available include the "New Assembly" option, or the "Existing Assembly" option. Select the option that corresponds with the desired assembly project to begin the transferring process.

Prepare for Assembly

The "Prepare for Assembly" window was created so that users have the options to rotate the part to any desired orientation around any selected axis, mirror the part around any selected axis, and assign a coupler location using either the center of the axes (by default) or by first creating a new Pickpoint where the coupler can be placed.

Tube to ass1.png

Rotation Rotate / Mirror Part

Transfer rotate mirror part.png

The "Rotation Amount" Trans rotation1.png value field is where the user can type in the degree of rotation that the part will be moved. every time the "Rotate" button is clicked.

Select the "Axis" Transfer axis button.png button and then click the axis in the display area that the part is going to rotate around.

Click the "Rotate" Transfer rotate button.png button to rotate the part around the selected axis. Every time you click this button, the part will rotate by the degree typed into the "Rotate Amount" field.

Select the "Mirror" Transfer mirror part.png button to mirror the part to the other side of the selected axis.

Change Coupler

Transfer change coupler1.png

Select the "Change Coupler" Transfer change coupler.png button and then the point in the display area that will be set as the anchor. The coupler will match up with a Pickpoint in the Assembly designer on the project that this part is being transferred to.

Create Points

Single Point

Transfer create points.png

Create single Pickpoint locations under the "Single Point" tab in the "Create Points" section. These points will be placed in the display area, using the center of the axes as the origin (just like a Tri-star). For more information on designating Pickpoints please see the Assembly guide.

Line (Two-Points)

Transfer line two points.png

Create single points under the "Line (Two-Points)" tab. By selecting a single line on the part, or two points users can create a line in order to place a Pickpoint on it. The "Move Amount" value field creates a point along a selected line at a specific distance from the end. The "Split in Half" button places a point directly in the middle of the line or two points. The "Swap Ends" button changes the point from on end of the line to the other end.

Definitive Options

Reset all the changes that have been made to the part by selecting the "Reset All" Trans reset all.png button.

Cancel the transfer by selecting the "Cancel" Trans cancel1.png button.

Select the "OK" Trans ok1.png button to accept the changes made to the part and finish the transfer.