Dragon Bent Part Tutorial

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Dragon Bent Part Tutorial
Drag Bent1.png

Things To Know

  • This tutorial will step you through the process of creating a bent part design in Bend-Tech Dragon and show you the possible choices for where to take it next depending on your needs. As you walk through this tutorial, procedures are designed based on your knowledge of earlier procedures. Because of this, it is very important that you carefully step through this guide, understanding everything along the way.


1. From the Bend-Tech Dragon start up screen, click on the Bent Part Dragon Bent Part(1).png button to open the bent part interface.

2. Now, maximize the screen Min Max Close Tab.png.

3. In order to start a design, select a material from the material drop down menu Drag Select Material1.png and a die from the die drop down menu Drag Select Die1.png to the left. I'll be using the default 1.75 DOM material and a 5.0 radius die but it doesn't matter what you choose for this tutorial.

4. Next, select 4 from the Number of Bends Drag 4 Number Of Bends1.png drop down menu to the far left.

5. Now, enter the values in the LRA value fields to the left of the display screen according to the picture shown below.

Drag Bent LRA Values1.png Drag Bent Hoop1.png

6. Make sure to also enter 90 into the Start Angle Drag Start Angle 901.png value field. This will cause the design in the display screen to rotate 90 degrees and stand straight up.

7. Next, select the Cutting Drag Cut Start2.png tab from the upper left hand corner, click the Add Drag Coping Fishmouth.png button twice and check the Display Cross Tubes Dragon Display Cross Tube1.png checkbox.

8. Then, for the start cut, enter 90 into the Rotation Drag Rotation 901.png value field and 110 into the Angle Drag-Angles1.png value field.
Drag Bent Hoop2.png

Drag Bent Cut Start1.png

9. Next, for the end cut, enter 270 into the Rotation Drag Rotation 2701.png value field and 70 into the Angle 123angle70.png value field. Drag Bent Cut End1.png Displayendcutedit1.png

10. Now click the Add button Addbutton798.png by default this will add an extra cut to the start of the tube. In the Offset amount type .5 Offset55.png Tableoff5.png Display3cuts.png


  • After applying all of the changes to our bent part, we are free to select the desired option for transferring the part out.
  • You may Transfer to Design Drag Transfer To Design1.png for adding further geometry to the part and assigning actions before sending it to the machine, or you may Transfer to Nesting Drag Transfer To-Nesting1.png if you'd like the current part to be added to a nesting project without altering the part further.
  • See the Dragon Guide to help you decide where to go from here.