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Carefully follow these steps or watch the video below to help install the Bend-Tech Software.

Installation and Registration Walkthrough

Step 1: Place the Bend-Tech CD into your computer's CD drive.

Step 2: After a few seconds, an installation welcome screen should appear. If that happens, proceed to step 3. If not, please proceed with the following sub-steps.

  • Double click on the main screen icon <My Computer>.
  • Right click on the CD drive that the Bend-Tech CD is in. In most cases this is your D: or E: drive.
  • Select <Open> from the pull down menu.
  • Double click on the file <setup.exe>.

Step 3: Select the Next button.

Step 4: Carefully read through the License Agreement. Select the I accept the terms button.

  • Next, the installation wizard will ask where to place the program and its files. It is suggested not to change the recommended setting.

Step 5: Select the Next button to continue.

  • The installation wizard will uninstall and install the appropriate files.

Step 6: When the installation wizard is complete, select the Finish button.

The installation is now complete.

An icon should appear on your main screen. In addition, Bend-Tech will have a selection under the Start, Programs menu.

To open the program...

  • Double click on the Bend-Tech icon and the start up splash screen will appear.

When you are finished with the install, be sure to hold onto your CD for additional installations if a computer crashes or if you'd like to transfer the software to a separate computer.