Dynatorch Nesting Tutorial

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Dragon Nesting Tutorial
Dyna Nesting1.png

Things To Know

  • This tutorial will step you through the process of creating a nesting project in Bend-Tech Dragon and show you how simple it is to send your project to your Dragon machine. As you walk through this tutorial, procedures are designed based on your knowledge of earlier procedures. Because of this, it is very important that you carefully step through this guide, understanding everything along the way.

If you have not completed the Dragon Straight Part Tutorial and Dynatorch Custom Design Tutorial, please do so before continuing any further.


1. Start by opening the Bend-Tech Dragon software and opening the file saved from the Dynatorch Custom Design Tutorial labeled Dragon Test2. Do this by selecting File - Open - Dragon Design from the top left of the window, selecting the file, then clicking the Open button.

Open File Drag2.pngDragon Open As2.png

2. With the Dragon Design window open, click on the Transfer to Nesting Drag Transfer To-Nesting1.png drop down menu at the top of the screen and select the New Project option.

New Nesting Proj1.png

3. Now, maximize the screen Min Max Close Tab.png and enter 140 into the Stock Length: value field to the left of the display screen. Also, set the Quantity to 1. The Web Size: should be set to 0.5

Drag Nest Stock Length 252.pngDrag Nest Web Size 0 5.png

4. Now click the Apply Drag Apply1.png button to set the stock tube length in the display area to the right.

5. Next, to add parts to the nesting project, click on the Parts Drag Nest Parts Tab1.png tab.

6. Now, double click on our part ten times to add 10 copies of it to our nesting design, or simply click the blue addition symbol Blueaddsign.png to fill the stock length.

Dyna Nest Stock Part1.pngDyna Nest Stock Part2.png

7. Still under the Parts tab, select the Move Dragon Move1.png button from the bottom of the screen followed by the second to the last part in the design. Then, drag this part the one on the end (tied to our part) near the end of the stock tube.

Dyna Nest Stock Part3.png

8. Now, click the Rotate Dragon Rotate1.png button and rotate the last two parts in the design so that the two oval holes cross over both the top and bottom edges of the unfolded tube.

Dyna Nest Stock Part4.png

9. Next, click the Remove Dragon Remove2.png button and select these last two parts to delete them from the nesting design.

Dyna Nest Stock Part5.png

10. Now, switch to the Shifts Drag Nest Shifts1.png tab to see the shifts that your machine will take in fabricating this project.

Dyna Nest Shifts1.png

11. From here, click on the first oval hole Dyna shift first oval.png near the top of the list to your left and click the Unassign Action Dragon Assign Actions1.png button below. The contours for the hole will be removed from the shift in the display area and the listed item will be moved to the bottom under the Un-Assigned Actions section.

  • Note: Unassigning an action in the shift will cause the Dragon machine to ignore the action entirely, but it can always be placed back in the list of assigned actions simply by dragging it back in the list. Clicking the Delete Action Dragon Delete3.png button will remove the action from the file completely.

12. Once you are satisfied with the order of actions within the shift, all that is left to do is select the "Make Program File" Make Program File1.png button at the top of the screen.

This will send all of this information to an .NC file available for use in your 3rd party software.